I just got my daughter switched off of Lamictal which is not approved for kids under 16 yrs old unless they have seizures. Now she's on abilify Tablet white 10mg once a day. I've read all the information on here about it but I must have missed if it's even approved for kids her age. She's 13 yrs old. Her pediatrician says NO ITS ONLY APPROVED FOR ADULTS!! HELP!!! PLEASE!! I have to know if it is or not approved for her age so I can get her switched to lithium like my husband takes. It's safer than any of these other medicines for Bipolar disorder. Her mental health Dr won't prescribe it to her thinks she is too young. I'm looking for another Dr too. I guess I will have to get a print out of the research done by John Hopkins on lithium taken by kids her age and a little younger I think. Thanks anyone and everyone for any and all help I appreciate it so much I'm so out of my depth on this one!!