I was on Abilify from August 2008 thru March 2013. Since going off the drug I now have 24/7 chronic muscle spasms in my back, shoulders, and neck. They never go away no matter what is done to them. I had some Toradol shots to help lessen the pain but last week had a bad reaction to the shots. Now I am just in constant pain and spasms. I only had slow steady weight gain while on the drug as a side affect. so now it is obviously stored in my cells. I would like to know if anyone else has this from cessation of the drug. Is there a detox to help my cells shed the poison out of my system faster? I was put on it when I went thru a separation and divorce. I was told it was great for things like that and that they were putting kids on it. Boy was I in for a big surprise. Any suggestions for detox would be appreciated. I have been off the drug for months but muscles are locked up completely and very painful. Thank you