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I am out of my abilify, can't afford to get refill, is there another medication I can take instead?

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LaurieShay 14 Oct 2012

There are other medications that are cheaper than Abilify that treat in a simiar way. You might ask your doctor about Lamical (lamotrigine). It would require a script obviously. You might be able to get samples from your doctor for the Abilify and try for a pharmacy assistance program if you have no insurance. The pharmaceutical company has a program to help people who can't afford their medication. Go to choose patient portal, type in the name of the medication and then select from the list, print out the applicaion and take to your doctor. Sort of a pain but well worth the effort so to receive meds free if you qualify.

Inactive 14 Oct 2012

Good morning Laurie, I hope you are well, I am doing better, have a great day!

LaurieShay 14 Oct 2012

Glad to hear you are doing better, Maso. I just bought and put together a stationary bicyle so I can start exercising. Hoping that it helps me feel better.

Inactive 14 Oct 2012

Hello dianna333,

As you are aware Abilify is manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

1.Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation Inc.

2.Co-Pay Benefit Program

3.Destination Access Patient Assistance Program

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company ,
345 Park Avenue
New York, New York, USA 10154-0037
Contact Details
Phone: (212) 546-4000

I agree with Laurie, Dr.´s give free samples of the medication.

Best of luck,

cwake19 14 Oct 2012

Sorry to hear that, this medication certainly is expensive, I was in it at one time. Did you start on it to try it and now that you need to refill it you can't afford the refill? If this is going to be a recurring thing, either seek prescription assistance programs or talk to your doctor about an alternative. Ability is an atypical antipsychotic medication like seroquel or zyprexa, both of which have some forms of generic available, but all meds work differently for everyone so if abilify works for you, I'd do my best to try and stay on it.

Good luck!

francisg 14 Oct 2012

Have you tried a government clinic. They will help you

natasato2003 9 May 2017

i am out of abilify and can't afford to buy one can you send the sample of abilify free discount card

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