hello, i am 18 almost 19 years old. for a long while now i have been having sharp abdominal pain and i know it cant be my apendix for the simple fact that they were removed when i was 8 years old. anyway these sharp pains have been slowly progressing over the last two years and i kept getting told that it was nothing. the pains keep me up at night. i know i am not pregnant either. i also found a lump in between my upper thigh and not on or in the vaginal area but in the crease of the thigh. i cant see it but i can feel it. can anyone help me with this. i have been looking on every article possible on what could be wrong. is this a cyst or ovarian cancer or what? i am really worried. my mother had ovarian cancer and if it could be that i dont know how to tell or talk to a doctor.
im so sorry if this does not make any sense. please someone help me!

oh and i am not sure if this makes any sense but my feet have swelled up to the point that i cant walk anymore.