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Have a abcess from a toothache for about a week is it dangerous to have a abcess for a long time?

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kaismama 24 May 2014

Yes if its not treated. Infection can spread to your sinuses and brain. Get to a dentist.

Stephen Treloar 25 May 2014

Long, long, long before it affects your brain the infection will spread from the area around the roots of your tooth into your jaw bone. The infection in the bone will be far milder in terms of pain than what you are experiencing now, however the infection will spread, rotting your jaw as it goes. When the infection reaches the next live tooth this will also become infected, painful and die and so on. After ~2 years a quite large section of your jaw be will have rotted, be gone and will not grow back. The necrotic regions will be clearly visible on a dental x-ray. The bone infection will also release toxins into your blood continuously and potentially leave you run down and susceptible to ongoing illness and fatigue.

DzooBaby 27 May 2014

Or if the abscess gets bad enough, it can form a pocket of infection which can pop and infect the brain quickly (septicemia/meningitis) The root of the teeth, especially top teeth are quite close to the brain and infection can easily spread.In fact,the brain is only about three inches from the tooth roots and a dental infection from a tooth abscess can spread to the brain through the veins in the head. It sometimes does happen slowly as the above poster mentioned but it can also happen in a matter of days that infection can spread to the brain causing encephalitis/septicemia. From medical literature:
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