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Does A2X really work for anxiety problems ? I take Valium now, will this do the same for me ?

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kaismama 15 Nov 2012

I seriously doubt it will have as strong an effect as valium, but its worth a try if it gets you away from valium.

jenrat79 15 Nov 2012

I do believe that natural/herbal supplements can be very helpful for certain disorders, however you have to be careful of products being promoted online at usually a high price just because of the way they have marketed it. If you check the active ingredients of this product, you will find that these supplements can be found any vitamin/herbal supplement store such as GNC, or even at your local pharmacy for a much lower price.

DzooBaby 15 Nov 2012

I doubt that it will be the same as taking Valium. Herbal supplements are usually more subtle in their effects than pharmaceuticals. Also remember just because they are herbal doesnt mean that they are safe. The other poster who mentioned products having a high price and marketing tactics is correct. There isnt much regulation on herbal products and some marketing claims are exaggerated. Be sure that you research before you buy and dont use research provided by the seller of the product. I would discuss this supplement with your Dr before taking it as well. It is not advisable to mix herbal products with medication. In some cases it can be dangerous and even fatal.

jbpianist21 3 May 2014

I actually think these would work as these have gabba and serotonin in them that are very good for the brain, so yes I see why not these would not work, as valium has gabba and serotonin in them!


Evasinkovits 8 Oct 2014

I want to tell anyone that is currently struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, or ocd issues that there is a way to recover and take back your life and this product is the vehicle to get you there. This remedy literally has changed my life and I know it will change yours too. I promise you that if you take A2X and following the regimen described by a2x anxiety, you will get better. I have personally struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over 20 years, I've tried numerous therapists and so many different medications I've lost count. I was even told at one point that I had bipolar disorder. Nothing worked and I found myself at a point that I literally felt like I had no other options to get well. I had no choice but to take it upon myself to help myself. I had to do something different, and I had to do it now.

Jennalynn78 27 Feb 2017

I really love your comments. I'm trying to get on the right medication because I have OCD and depression so I taking Zaidi medication and I take Xanax but it's only 0.52 and it almost feels like it makes it worse I can't sleep at night get such an Zaidi so I don't know anything else to take I've tried all the other stuff pretty much but anyways thank your comment

JessicaTran1998 18 Oct 2014

I have started taking it few days back, and not much but yes I am feeling bit better.

As mentioned on their website, a2x anxiety have anti anxiety natural ingredients in it on research and by experts these herbs help in lowering the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The A2X Anxiety formula is a proprietary blend of three main active all-natural ingredients: L-Theanine, Ashwagandha root, and Passion Flower.

Passion Flower has acquired a reputation for its calming effect on the central nervous system by increasing the levels of the neurotransmitter GABA. Clinical studies show that Passion Flower significantly lowers levels of anxiety in individuals and can help promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

Annkon99 19 Oct 2014

as far as a2x anxiety working is concern, i think it have all those ingredients which can be helpful in fighting from anxiety or depression. if you will search the ingredients in it you will find that these are very helpful in fighting from anxiety and depression. All ingredients a2x have in its menu card or on product details page are very helpful to calm an anxious mind. The ingredients like .. gaba, passion flower, ashwagandha, vitamin b6 and b12, and many others helps in forming such chemical in brain which help it to stay calm and rejoice. Moreover the reviews of users can give you a better idea how the product is working.

kristidalton 25 Oct 2014

Yes a2x works. It does work, but do not expect miracles. It is calming in the same way that a cup of coffee in the morning helps you wake up. This is not a replacement for a prescription but it is soothing. Sometimes I will take one at the end of a long day just before hitting the sack. It works for me. Very good for unwinding in the evening and natural way to fall asleep. I'm glad that I finally ordered this after a friend recommended. I also take it during the day as a way to keep me focused at work.

AddieDaviosn 5 Sep 2015

Anxiety & depression are one of the most common mental disorders now a days.
I can understand how painful it is. For such people it is better to take proper medication
A2X is one of the product which is really helpful. Its quality ingredients such as Ahwagandha,
Passionflower, Magnesium, Calcium are the chemicals that are responsible for balancing the mood
and relieving anxiety. That’s why I would recommend this product.
For complete A2X review you can visit: consumerhealthdigest

Missymayes 7 Sep 2015

I would suggest to anyone talk to your doctor before adding any supplements or taking away any prescribed medication for anxiety, depression or panic. I think this all sounds fine and good but pharmaceuticals prescribed to you stopped or reduced or adding things without speaking at length to your medical professionals is a bad choice period!
When it comes to depression especially it's super dangerous to stop those medications or add supplements on your own. I'm sure we all know this already but I just want to make sure to reiterate that we are not doctors and self medicating and trying to manage your own medications and even supplements is just not safe! free discount card

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