and sinus headache which I was taking on regular basis - each morning. I took this Allegra D everyday as prescribed by my doctor. It was working perfectly to relieve my daily allergies/congestion/sinus headaches. One day I want to refill my RX at the drug store. Pharmacist came back after calling ins company, Anthem Healthkeepers. They denied Allegra D explaining that I could take claritin-D (behind pharmacy counter) as alternative to Alleg.D. I was upset that they took this allegra d away from me by drs. orders and ins. copany overruled drs. orders for allegra D. I purchased Claritin D 12 hour - more expensive than my allegra d whch up till then was covered by Anthem Heathkeepers. They overruled my drs. orders. I did not get the same relief fro Claritin D as I did with Allegra. Ins. company said there was nothing they could/would do about this. Claritin D or nothing was my option. Yesterday i purchased Claritin D behind pharmacy counter (more expensive than Allegra under my ins. policy. I got up early this morning (4 AM) feeling very good, rested. Took 2 Claritin D tablets. Soon after felt nauseus, vomiting, extreme weakness, extreme headace , dizziness, light headed, feeling I could pass out, trouble concentrating,loss of coordination. I went to my family dr. to find out he was out of the office for a month. They recommeded i go to urgent care clinic 20 miles away. I would drive myself. I got in my car only but felt too weak to drive myself. Had no one else to call upon to drive me. Symptoms of weakness, lloss of concentration, nervousness, headache, extreme lethargy, exhaustion, tremors, confusion, feeling like everthing is in slow motion, numbness and tingling in my right arm and hands. I can't keep my eyes open to keep writing. any suggestions/recommendations. I will check back later to see if there is a reply to this message. I'm going straight to bed and may or may not wake up. Several years was diagnosed with migraines. Dr. started me on Imitrex. I took when migraine symptoms came on. He switiched me to Treximet. i take those when migraines start up. For the last 3 weeks I've expereinced headaches each and everyday, many times a few hours I feel headache coming on I will that the Treximet. My RX says not more than 1 tablet every 24 hours - which seems to do the trick but my insurance company Anthem Heathkeepers informed me when i went ot renew my RX that they could not give me anymore than 9 tablets every 30 days. But I've been experiencing migraines - sometimes dilbilatating and throbbing to the point of tears the pain is so intense. Therefore I can only take the Treximet when it becomes debiliating in the pain.

With this occurence today, taking 2 Claritin which I don't normally take and resulting in weakness, loss of concentraton, nervousness, headache extreme fatigue/lethargic, numbnes tingling in my right arm all the way to my fingers, i wonder what it is.