Dosage of 6mg to 30mg to treat infection & open wound on foot on diabetic patient who has cyles of hi/lo blood sugar, CHD, enlarged heart and skin infections-yeast and bacterial. Is this aggressive therapy recommeded and how risky is this to be done (is it long term or short term use of prednisone)? This 60 yr old woman already is on about 14 meds and prednisone dosages for the last 1 1/2 years and cannot walk now and has had most of her muscles atrophed. Doing some rehab but very little strength, is bedridden in NH & been in hospital 2x in about 1 month. She is getting very little feedback re her situation. Has had 2 pt blood transfusion and has blood samples daily (one time, 13! vials for "Bloodwork" @lab). She originally agreed to this upped dosage to get rid of infection in the foot and now has declined due to fear of her blood sugar going too high. She has taken insulin shots at NH initially but only for a week. 2 blood clots were located in her legs-upper thigh area, taking shots (now pills) to dissolve them and put on coumidin. Her entire body has infection,slowly clearing. Running fever on and off/chills at times.She has been in declining health for almost 2 years, is about 60+ pounds overweight and follows doctors orders regardless of risk to no avail. She has been on antibiotics on and off over the years but now, daily. Has had numerous series of antibiotics and does not take probiotics. Her immune system has been greatly compromised. It's difficult to offer positive reinforcement at this juncture and she more or less has shut down. Diabetes and arthritis runs in her family. Any words of encouragement re her situation and this new effort of treating the RA she has had diagnosed (also neuropathy). Thank you. If more info is needed, please let me know.