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A type 2 diabetic on insuline can revert to oral drugs only?

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itsmetoo2 21 Mar 2010

Yes, they could if their sugar is totally under control. It would be wonderful for you. Keep a close watch on your diet and excercise. If you want it bad enough you can do it.

tamuse 21 Mar 2010

I shall certainly apperciate personal experience or an an data by a physician showing that type two diabetics revert back to oral medication after using insoline for years. Tamuse

itsmetoo2 21 Mar 2010

Remember diet and excercise. It is up to you.

tamuse 22 Mar 2010

thanks, Yes i agree diet and exercise are fundamental,what about odd deviations on parties in case of food... tamuse

itsmetoo2 22 Mar 2010

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