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A small amount of a suboxone strip . Now will that show up on a lab test?? Honest answer please?

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Anonymous 30 Nov 2011

It will show up as bupenorphine but if your employer, drs office, probation office, or court didn't request and pay for that specific panel, they won't check for it. And the lower the amount (partial strip) it will metabolize quicker and not show up. You didn't say when you took it so not sure how to tell you how long it will test positive for bupe. Most employers, courts and probation don't check for it, but DOT jobs, pain management drs, hospital employers, and truck driving jobs do.

bastianperez82 30 Nov 2011

I took it yesterday around 3:00pm, around eight last night i started drinking water and went to the restroom a few times,but I got drug tested this morning.
Drug court, that's who tested me this morning..
I'm just freaking out!! I've been doing so good and yesterday I was just so stressed out...

Anonymous 30 Nov 2011

Its not a heavily abused drug so they may not even check for it. Benzos, pot, methadone and subs have to be metabolized out, water is not going to do anything for those. Since you aren't regularly taking it and took a relatively small dose, you may be fine. I can't guarantee that or that drug court doesn't check for it but they probably don't. I know you are stressed, and I am not fussing at you, but subs is not an anti-stress drug, so don't take I for that. Go to and look it up, it is strong stuff and should y be used while you are under the care of a suboxone dr and an addiction therapist. Best of luck. Patti

bastianperez82 30 Nov 2011

Thanks for writting back! I guess I'll just have to wait and see if they tested me for that, but in a way that's what I get for taking something that I shouldn't have.
Thank you again! free discount card

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