Hey there, im a combat medic in the U.S. Army so i have a thorough understanding of the medical field. I got injured in combat and had multiple tailbone and l3 surguries. In doing so ive been taking oxy 80's and Norco 10/325's for three years constantly. I would take like four oxy's and like 15 norc's a day. When my surgeon cut me off of painpills i experienced HEAVY withdrawals they plain SUCKED. I was an upper addict in highschool and i know a lot about any drug except from opiates. I would never touch them until now. My doctor recently prescribed suboxone and im taking 2 8/2 films a day. How long will i have to be on this before i can go back to regular drug free life? Ive heard some docs bring the dose up then taper down etc.. But my doc seems to want to keep me on for the longrun. Any help and advice for me would be great! I hate this! Sorry for long intro but its my first time posting. Thank you.