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A friend of my son took 10 xanax what could happen?

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BRRMARS 14 May 2011

Do you know how many mg, was it a long skinny bar? I mean not a whole lot, he might get, sick sleepy, keep an eye on him, just make sure he is breathing okey..Brr

Inactive 14 May 2011

Hi jellybelly,
BRR is right, it depends on the miligrams in a way, if they are 1 or 2 mgs, then this kid should go to the ER asap! If they are .25 he may be OK, but why take the chance?
Let us know how he is???
Best wishes to you,

caringsonbj 14 May 2011

I am like Lara (Sweetlemon) far better to be safe than sorry, it depends on his size, age, weight, metabolism, how much he took, and when? surely he must be younger if he got into medication, I pray he didn't take them and it oversedates him, but the ER probably would be the best of all worlds, I pray he does well

Inactive 15 May 2011

Billy you hit it on the head I would have him in the ER to be on the safe side. Good answers everyone. Praying his will be ok too, please let us know.

LaurieShay 14 May 2011


As already mentioned, it really depends on how many milligrams the 10 pills were. The maximum dosage for Xanax is 10 mg per day, though not at one time. The literature reads the following: free discount card

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