Suboxone / Subutex sideeffects. My friend and I both take subutex for opiate withdraw. I have been taking them a year now with no issues at all ever and am weening off successfully, but my friend I really care about is having some harsh side effects (shes been on them for about 4-5 months). She takes 2-4mg dose one time a day in the morning usually and experiences severe vomiting sometimes, or rather most of the time lately. I told her she should talk to her doctor about this but when she does he thinks shes going through precipitated withdraws when I know she has been clean. She really hates the taste of the subutex but takes it anyway and it makes her sick if she eats/drinks anything after taking her dose. She also gets sick like that if she tries to do anything with alot of movement ie: cleaning,working,riding a bike, or jogging. Is there anything that would cause this or a way to fix it?