It's stressfull enough to know that there is something wrong with you and your coping skills. I have driven my husband to the point of insanity all most. I have been so angry and irrational that I have laid my hands on him during an argument. I have yelled like a crazy person at the top of my lungs. I seriously feel like i'm crazy. I'm on Buspar for anxiety but, Ativan works so good and my Doc doesn't want me to have anymore. It's a "bridge", and should only be used short term she said. It seems to be the only thing that works to calm me down. (My irritability and irrationalism). I don't want my husband to be mad or stressed because of me anymore. I hate doing this to him. He ask's me all the "Why do I have to wake up everyday and be unhappy?" That makes me feel like such a horrible person. What should I do?