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In what way is the 97.2 mg of Phenobarbital equal in strenth to the 100mg tablet?

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kaismama 9 Jun 2013

I don't know where you'd get a 97.2 mg phenobarb. It has a few less mg is all, phenobarb used to be measured in grains and the translation to mg, left it at that odd dosage, but they make 100 mg pills now.

Stardust777 10 Jun 2013

It is an odd dosage. I have been on the 100 mg all of my life, and they are now saying that the pharmaceutical companies are no longer making the 100 mg tablets. They are also saying without any logical explanation that the 97.2 mg is the equivalent dosage of the 100 mg of phenobarbital. I am also on Depakote, Was on 1000mg ER, but had to drop 250 mg a couple months ago which is fine. However, I don`t like playing around with the Phenobarbital dosage when it comes to my seizures. Just do not understand how they consider 97.2=100 mg. Most of all why they are not making the 100 mg anymore. Also have been under much stress recently and this has made it worse. Since 6/6 I have felt so stressed that it feels as though a seizure could come on. I`m on 115 mg phenobarbital right now. Last night I considered asking my Dr. to give me 2 of the 60 mg per day. free discount card

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