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What can a 94 yr old take for sleep?

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Inactive 27 Dec 2012

Hello froselon. It would help to know what has been tried. Over the conter meds like benadryl will help up to 2 a night about 20 minutes before bedtime, but it may depend on conditions, & medications this person is on also, so more info would be helpful. The good old adage of a glass of milk holds true today also. It doesn't have to be warmed. Milk contains tryptophan which is a natural sleep remedy. Also the nap after a big Thanksgiving dinner, as turkey also contains tryptophan...

Delila 28 Dec 2012

Hi, Mary's suggestion of Benadryl (active ingredient Diphenhydramine) can be very helpful short term, and also Nightnurse (active ingredient Dextromethorphan) is also effective short term. I would be very keen to consult this persons doctor though, due to his/her age, and any medications they are on and/or conditions they may have. Best to be safe than sorry. free discount card

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