93 yr old woman, stroke, taking paxil since stroke for 10 yrs. Insomnia, itchy, jumpy legs and body. Anything else that she could switch to?
She also has lost 3 sons, 1 about 4 mos ago so she needs an antidepressant. But the insomnia and jumpy legs and itchy are driving her crazy.
Went to doctor and requested he up her sleeping pill dosage and he said no.
She also told him she is depressed so he upped paxil. Now she really can't sleep and that is increasing depression. Now she won't take it at all.
I am seeking advice on what other antidepressant she could go to that would not give her the jumpiness and allow her to sleep.
Its a quality of life issue. And I wish to hell doctors listened to their older patients rather than "phoning it in."