... many side effects. As time went on I started to gain a huge amount of weight. Till this day I have gained 17 kgs. My panick attacks have increased as well as my anxiety. I have tried to self harm myself 3 times in the last year. Initially it did help me, however now I have come to realise due to research how horrible this drug is. I have been on so many other antidepressants and this being new at the time would be my saviour. I am on my second day of with drawling. My GP has advised me to do it very slowly. From 90 mg I am now on 60 mg. I feel ver lethargic and quite nauseous. I am thinking of going back on lexapro as I had very few side effects but can not quite remember why I came off it. Since being on cymbalta I have been a insomniac and not much has helped. I am currently taking 120 mg of phanergan to sleep but still I don't fall asleep till 5.00 am in the morning. Please help. Any suggestions to help me get through this process would be appreiciated