My son has CP and he was on depolept for awhile, but we switched him to Keppra since he was still having consistent seizures. Even on the Keppra he still was having seizures. As I'm writing this he is in the hospital since he is no longer himself. We have him off it for 2 days now, but since he started taking it he kept getting more and more sluggish and now it seems like he is regressing. Thank G-D the blood tests came back normal and we did an MRI a few weeks ago and besides the brain damage there are no other conditions. Since he started taking it he seemed like he was drugged. He used to be so full of life and now he just lies like a lump most of the day. How long until the Keppra will be out of his system? The doctors don't have any answers and they are doing an EEG tomorrow. I can't say for sure it is the Keppra that did this, but has anyone had similar experiences? Any ideas? Thanks!