I have been on the Depo Shot for nine months now. When I had my first shot I had terrible mood swings and lost a significant amount of weight in the first three months, down to 42kg. I went for my second shot and was told I had to see a doctor in order to get it because I was underweight. My doctor gave me the shot and said that my period should slow down soon. It didn't, I was on my period for the next three months too. When going to get my third shot I spoke to the nurse about my period problem and she said it would stop after my third one but it didn't. After my third shot I started suffering from period pains which I hadn't really had in the six months before even though I was bleeding. the entire time I suffer from really bad aches in my arms and my back now and have bad headaches quite frequently. I'm soon to be due my fourth shot but I feel it is making me unwell and weak. My period ranges between light spotting to heavy and full of blood clots. Its becoming very stressful for me and my partner and I really dont know what to do. 9 month long periods are not very fun