I started Junel 1.5/20 Fe on November 16 when I started my period, as directed. This is the first time I have used these pills. My period lasted 9 days (which is quite longer than usual). Were the pills supposed to have stopped my period during this time, or is it normal when adjusting? Could the dosage be wrong?

On December 3, I had a few drops of bleeding (so not exactly light spotting) while still taking the pills as directed.

I finished the active pack on December 6. Now I am taking the inactive pills (fourth day now, December 10), and haven't had my period.

I'd also like to note-- I only remember these dates by keeping track on a cycle app "P Tracker Lite". It also "predicts" ovulation and fertility dates. Should these dates not be considered when on the pill? I am only concerned because my inactive week also coincides with the predicted ovulation date.

Further- -I haven't missed any pills. I may have taken them within an 1-2 hour frame (i.e. 4:30pm instead of 3:30), however.