My son 8 was diagnosed with ADHD in Oct. of 2012. He was unable to focus in school to the point where he was falling way behind the other kids. He was also having difficulty with his behavior. He couldn't sit still, stop talking out of turn, keep his hands to himself, following simple directions or focus long enough to read a book. His behavior at home was even worse. He would not listen, was constantly talking back/very defiant, continuously hitting his sisters for no reason or because he didn't like what they said, and whenever we tried to discipline him, he would scream and yell at my husband and I not caring at all about being in trouble. Fearing he was falling way behind in school and our inability to take his behavior anymore, we took him to the doctors in November and along our input and with the help of his teachers (current 2nd grade teacher as well as his previous first grade teacher) he diagnosed with ADHD and put on Focalin XR 15mg. It has really helped him improve on all the above. His grades improved. His reading level had gone way up. His teacher has be so delighted with his classroom behavior... that is until the last month or so. Now he seems to still be doing well in the classroom/school, however, he is getting into trouble on the bus ride home. He is fighting with kids on the bus, being respectfulness to the bus driver, not sitting still in his seat and his behavior when he gets home is worse. He is unable to focus to do his homework, he can't keep his hands to himself, he is disrespectful to me, don't follow my directions. And now he's playing football and is unable to focus and listen to the coaches. I was told the medication would last about 8 hrs, which is does get him through the school day and his teacher thinks it's still working well. However,I feel like he's not even on medication by the time he gets home. I am wondering if increasing his Focalin is the answer, though he already has a tough time going to sleep at night on 15mg, or if there is something I can give him along with his Focalin, after school, that stays in his system for a short period of time to get through homework time and football practice. However, I don't want to increase his insomnia. Or if it's time to change his medication altogether. Thought I don't think there is a medication that lasts 12 hours that will not keep my son up all night.