bladder. caused me severe dry mouth to the point i could not swallow and also cause blurred vision (big time), it helped with calming the bladder down and helped with the feeling of the urge to go to the bathroom which happens in most bladder infections and UTI's. Overall I was put on cipro and another antibiotic and its been two weeks and I still have blood in the urine and the urge to go to the bathroom but only go a few drops. Does anyone know if I would continue with the medication on a temporary basis would the symptoms of blurred vision and dry mouth start to go away or is it common for you to have blurred vision and dry mouth the entire time while taking toviaz? I was also seen in the ER, they just said kidney and uti infection and to continue with the cipro antibiotic. At what point when your not feeling any better should you be catherized. Does anyone recommend that would help in making me feel any better. I'm hysterical and ready to go back to the ER. I just want to feel better, its been too long. If anyone can respond to these questions I would forever be grateful because the doctors surely are not helping, just keep prescribing meds.