... had very painful muscle cramps 2 hours afterwards. We were eating a meal out and she had drunk one glass of champagne before the meal.
The symptoms of the episode were that she looked very tired and pale, said she felt funny and arms shook a bit, then stared at us with no response, happened a couple of times, then mouth dropped open, then passed out, tongue was hanging out and liquid/ food coming out of her mouth, called ambulance as didnt appear to be normal faint, paramedic did tests, ECG normal, blood pressure just slightly low, blood sugar 10 but shes mild diabetic and on blood pressure medication so BP and blood sugar normal for her.
Not much improvement mentally in first 4 weeks of Aricept, no memory improvement, maybe more alert but more anxious and agitated.
Could the Aricept or champagne with Aricept have caused the seizure?