My 82 year old father has been in hospital where he has been treated for water retension in his legs & lungs. While having this treatment it was discovered his heart beat was low so had a pacemaker fitted and he is also waiting for heart surgery to correct a faulty valve, Being diagnosed after having angiogram & further investigation with camera down his throat.
While in hospital he seemed to be improving at first but he is increasingly seeming very confused, has no energy and listless. He has always been able to look after himself and been in sound mind.
The prescribed drugs he is taking are 'Bisoprolol', 'Ducosate' 'Fusosemide', 'Metolazone', 'Ramipril' & 'Spironolactone'
I am worried about his deteriation & wonder if the drugs that are being taken are clausing these side effects.
His appetite is good & noone at hospital explained to my father or family to be aware of any possible side effects.

If you could provide any help or related information about this i would be grateful. Thank You.