They checked it today... He went in for bloodwork to check his thyroid since he was so hyper at times ( from what the school tells us )
So here is the results from last week blood work
Platelets High 456
Neutrophils Low 32
EOS ( absolute ) HIGH 0.8
Now i have to wait to get the other results... I'm wondering has anyone else even been through this and if so what was the outcome... I'm just sick to my stomach and worried that something serious is wrong and wanna be ready for the worse if that is the case..

He was failure to thrive when he was 6 months old due to neglect from his Biological mother- but since then he has been pretty much healthy.. cold here and there but nothing serious..

Her Grandmother on my brothers side did have leukemia but other then that no other cancer that were aware of...

Should I get him in a blood doctor or what...