We discovered she was loosing weight while her sister from same liter, was gaining it all. We took the little one to the vet, and he ran a test and found out she had anaplasmosis, so we had her on medicine. He also discovered a small growth near the inside of her back leg. so while we all thought she was just getting sick from the antibiotics. We took her back to vet, and he was going to biopsy the growth, but as he xrayed, he found 8-9 tumors in each of her lungs. We are horrified that something like this could happen, as we take good care of our dogs. We can't stand watching her go through this. It's been challenging getting her to eat. She drinks, but we have to hold bowl up to her. She's on appetite stimulants, but they don't seem to work. I know she's in pain. And we are beside ourselves. Myself, my Bf and my daughter are all on edge, and hoping that she is alive when we get home from school or work. My question is, will tramadol, help her eat? As that's what our vet just prescribed her, for pain. We've tried everything to get her to eat. We have now blended her food in blender. Cancer is horrific :(