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I take 8 teaspoons of phenergan and codiene a day and I have a 6 oz bottle. How long will that last?

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kaismama 13 Apr 2014

Felt like I was back in pharmacology class on that one, it would last 4.5 days.

Kawasakizx14 13 Apr 2014

Yes, Kiasmama is correct.

8 Tsp = 1.33333 Ounces

Just divide the amount you have by the amount you are taking.

kaismama 13 Apr 2014

Its easier if you just do one tsp is 5cc and 30 cc is an ounce, so it takes 6 tsps to equal an ounce.

sara12345 15 Apr 2014

You can always go online and type teaspoons to ounces. It automatically does the math. free discount card

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