Hi my son who is 8 months old was diagnosed with RSV and i was given a nebulizer and a script. The script ended up being .5% albuterol concentrated in a bottle not mixed with saline. It had a dropper. It said to inhale 1 vial by nebulization route every 4-6 hours. I filled the dropper which i thought was the "vial" which ends up being around .75 ml. He ended up having to be hospitalized for 3 days and got bronchiolitis. His breathing treatments with the concentrated albuterol only lasted around 2 minutes. Did he get to much or to little? I'm a little confused on how much he got. There was quite allot of vape that came out and i used a mask to make sure he got it all. I do remember in the hospital he had a horse voice. I see that's side effect. If someone could help me i would appreciate it. I"m confused on how much he actually got. Could that have caused the RSV to turn to bronchiolitis?