I have been off birth control for 7-9 months now, and this last cycle I had a period that was 8ish days late.. on the 8th it was little spots I only noticed when I wiped, then today (10th day) it turned into more heavy but watery bleeding, the evening time it has had a few clots in it.
Since the middle/end of December I have been showing pregnancy signs hard core; nausea, dizzy, light headed, harder time breathing, peeing twice as much as I already did and just over all tiredness.
My boyfriend and I don't have protected sex, (we are ok with this) but he doesn't ejaculate in me as well.

But iv been so confused by this all, I tried calculating how far I would/am it says about 3 weeks now.. my period doesn't seem right to me, it's more watery and not as heavy as normal and it didn't start how it normally does which is a medium flow. This time it was hardly at all for 2 days...
I really just don't know what to do and need some advice! Anyone else out there with a similar thing???