... the dark and landed on my butt, pretty well recovered after several years, only to be in 2 near fatal auto collisions 5 years apart. I treated with several years of epidurals (cortisone pain blocks) for several years when they quit working.

My MRI shows that I have (1)a straightening from front to rear- as well as a side to side curvature- of my lumber spine, (2)spondylosis producing an acquired stenosis which is (a) mild to moderate at L1-L2, L2-L3, &L4-L5 levels & (b) moderately severe at the L3-L4 level.

I have been to a neurosurgeon who recommends a fusion cage including 2 screws into each of 7 vertebrae from L1-SI tied together with 2 vertical rods.

Is there anyone who has, or knows somebody who has, had sociosis with this many vertebrae fused-and if so the results

John Swartz