I was perscibed wellbutrin for Adha. The Dr. First had my on 150 xl. I felt like a zombie. I was very sleepy. I called his office and said this is not going to work and that I wanted ti quit taking it. The dr. Didn't want me to stop he so he perscibed a lower dosage 100 xl. I started that and felt fine the first week. After the first week again I got super drowsy. I just had my check up with him. I told him about the drowsiness and that I also have ringing in my ears. He told me that it was strange I wad getting drowsy and the ringing in my ears is probably from a cold. Even though I read that ringing in the ears is a side effect. I am super frustrated at this point. All ge did at thus visit was perscibe even a lower dosage so now he wants me to do 75 xl.. Is this a waste of time?