I happened upon a discussion thread here, and had so many "that's me" moments in the comments that I decided to go ahead and join.

I was prescribed Effexor yesterday- starting 37.5mg for 4 days, then up to 75mg starting day 5. I was also prescribed .5 mg of klonipan 1/2 tab twice daily as needed for anxiety. After reading through comments here I see many people are on 150-300mg Effexor, or XL, and am wondering if this low dose prescribed me will help. I need to get back to myself... I delayed seeking treatment for my anxiety and depression and now it's to the point where it's effecting my work, and I'm getting panic attacks too. Usually I can block any personal stuff out of my mind in when working- a kind of "put on a happy face", but my job of 2 years is mainly from home so I just tend to isolate more than I would have previous times in life. I'm scared I could lose a job that I love, but even that doesn't motivate me to do the work that needs to be done. I was on Lexapro 10 years ago (for about 1 year post SO separation and death in fam), and while it did help some, the sexual and weight gain side effects made me want to wean off. Since then, when I feel myself isolating, anxious, or depressed-behavioral changes worked for me, but not this time.

I hope I'm not rambling here. Should I ask my md to up my med dose, and how long does it take to find a dose that works? I'm on effexor because my psych md told me it could help with my anxiety better than Lexapro.