am very concerned... great difficulty breathing when I get up from seated position... activities are hard to perform, if at all... sometimes, can
not walk but a few feet... maybe 5 to 8 feet distance... exacerbation is so
full fledged when I go to paratransit van, driver sometimes has to assist me
to the van(20 feet)... can't do chores, Am not lazy, just can not do anything
physical..Take advair, 2x; ventolin prn; combivent prn; nebulizer prn;
produce extreme phlegm>extreme shortness of breath>okay if seated, but when I get up... have to practice breathing for about 7 to 20 minutes... oxygen level is 2liters... sometimes, I put it at 2.5 liters... so sad not to be
able to do things about the house> shopping is hard, ask for store helper, sometimes, just don't have the energy to pick up the products, nor to put on
the counter... any suggestions? please help with your thoughts. I would appreciate it.