I have taken Percocet as prescribed by my pain management doctor for almost 4 years. I had a cervical fusion and over 2 months ago a rotator cuff repair. I was tired of always being tired and having no motivation or energy to do anything.

I was taking 5mg 4 times a day, so 20mg after 4 years I dont think it was helping with pain, it felt like I had to take it to mot feel sick. Even when I took it I did not feel great. I reduced to 10mg a day for 10 days, felt horrible and barely got off the couch. I decided I was done. I went through mild physical withdrawal and still am slightly at day 7 but I have moments where I feel pretty good physically. NOW today I am starting to really feel the emotional part of it.

During the last 4 years and my injury, I went through a divorce, had to put my bengal cat of 10 years down and I had a hard time.But now it seems like all that just happened yesterday. I had moved on pretty well I thought but now feel like it is all coming back. Is this normal and will it go away?