Dear people,
I am not asking for any justification if we are getting pregnant or not, but information about it is needed. Also what are your feelings about it? Please take the time to read the details of my situation. Thanks everyone.
Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex November 1st at about 1 A.M. She has been on birth control for about 2 years now. She is using standard birth control pills given by Planned Parenthood; although, I'm 100 percent sure that it is the same as the ones she's been using from our high school years. Anyways, that night I asked her if she is taking the pill. I do so every time we have sex because I am not with her all the time to actually see if she takes the pill around the same time everyday. We are in a long distance relationship and in a good two years now. She answered a "yes" to my question. Just like on this sex, we didn't use a condom because we haven't since we graduated high school--she never got pregnant. I occasionally pull out, which is not a true birth control method but reduces anxiety on my side. Nonetheless, we trust the pill 95 percent. On her next pill packet however, the colors were swapped. The green pills used to be the inactive, and the white the active--now the white are inactive, and the green the active ones. Right after I came home that night, she hasn't noticed that pill-swap mistake thing. That night I didn't ejaculate inside her. The next day however, we did it again, unprotected. I ejaculated in her this time. I still didn't know at that time that she hasn't been taking the active pills at the moment--for a week actually. She just realized after about 8 hours that a boo boo happened. She called me crying and apologizing, and I told her to not worry. I thought to myself that Plan B should be bought. I hurried to Walmart, got Plan B-One Step. And headed back to her house. I saw her take it.
Now as I read through "success stories" of Plan B pill, women get their period after a week of taking the pill, a week before regular period dates, or late by a week. Every sign of success of the pill is mixed up. I am extremely stressed for the past days. College is approaching the finals week, and trying to maintaining good marks in my classes is really frustrating when I keep thinking about my fault of not using a condom. I am gravely burdened by this. I am an atheist, but wouldn't turn to abortion. I have my reasons.
We have consulted a nurse in Planned Parenthood, and we got the answer "You should be fine, especially because Plan B was taken." I find it hard to believe the nurse. Ovulation can occur anytime the pill is missed. But I have to trust the information being fed to us.
To Summarize:
1. Missed 7 active pills of the pack's first week
2. Ejaculated inside of the her
3. Plan B pill taken within less than 24 hours, (should she have an early period?)
4. Went to the nurse, and got a "you'll be fine" meaning no preggo answer
5. 2 more days before her regular period (anxiety of hope we see a period)
Probably, some people's comment might help. Do you think we can be if not already pregnant? Any tips on how to handle the situation if we find out that she is pregnant. Thank you for your time. Any comments are welcome.