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I am on 7.5mg of warfarin. 5mg+2mg=7 What mg is .5?

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Marvell 3 May 2014

Which brand of warfarin are you taking?

kaismama 3 May 2014

If you have 5 mg tablets, you would take 1.5 tabs. Break one in half and take half with a whole pill every day.

DemoninDC 4 May 2014

You need to go to your pharmacist and either get them to dispense the 7.5 mg version or you need to have them dispense the 2.5 mg with your 5 mg to get to 7.5 mg. Please do NOT cut a 1.5 mg in half as you will not get the correct dosage that your doctor wants. Your other choice is to cut a 5 mg in half but you will be short on pills at the end of the month unless the pharmacist dispensed them that way, but they should have told you when you picked up your drugs.

Inactive 4 May 2014

I'm steady on 7.5 mg six days, and 5 mg one day weekly. My pills are 5 mg tabs. With a pill cutter, I cut tabs in half, for 2.5 mg. This is how the VA (veterans administration) does it.

kaismama 4 May 2014

This is how anyone in healthcare would do it. They are scored so can be broken evenly.

ticktac 7 May 2014

It should be 0.5 which is a tablet in it self. Warfarin tablet come in 0.5 mg white, 1mg Brown, 3mg blue and 5mg which is pink so if you taking 7.5 a day like me it would be either any of the above eggs 2 blue, 1 Brown and 1 white. Hope this helps

ticktac 7 May 2014

Should say eg not eggs free discount card

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