This is my first child and I know I need to stop my Tramadol for the baby. I've taken it for close to 5 years same dose, a little more(50mgs more) on bad days and do experience withdrawal symptoms when it's not taken. I won't see my OBGYN until I'm 8weeks on July 1st. I have weaned off Pristique(spelling? It's an antidepressant) before so I'm planning on applying that method to this. I tried lowering my dosage to 50 milligrams a night for a couple nights and that didn't work at all if last night is anything to go by. If I take 50 for a few more nights then alternate taking 50 one night and none the next for a few more do y'all think that will help elevate the withdrawal symptoms? I've read it has a antidepressant similarity. I haven't ever suffered seizures from not taking it for a couple nights just flu like symptoms and cold sweats and restlessness. It's been two nights I believe without Tram tonight would be my third. Would I be better off starting the one on one off tonight(take one tonight and not tomorrow night) or just go back to taking one a night for a few more nights? I'm sorry if this seems confusing I'm functioning on maybe two hours of sleep. Any advice is welcome.