I have been on flexeril at bedtime for facial, upper back and neck muscle tension. Recently my doc switched me from flexeril, my klonopin mix of 10 plus years to taking zanaflex klonopin and during the day gabapentin 300mg. I stay so tired with phenomenal symptoms, in to much pain to sleep, and I'm waking up every morning with headache. Is this normal? Why would they change my regimen when it's been working just fine for many years? If all muscle relaxants do pretty much the same thing their "dangerous interaction methodology " would've taken place years ago. I'm at a 10 in discomfort and get pushed around by doctors saying what I can and can't do based of new findings. I won't self medicate, I hate taking every pill I already do to stay alive with my disease but this discomfort is unbearably inhumane. Any advice, guidance or experience please let me know.