... gums. My heart doctor has told me that the bleeding gums have nothing to do with taking Brilinta. Uh-huh. I have never had any issues with my gums prior to taking Brilinta. It's been 30 days and there has not been any improvement. The crazy thing is I have no problem brushing or flossing; the bleeding gums start out of the blue. I had to go to the ER shortly after I was released following my stent placement for bleeding gums that the ER (Saturday night) doctor called moderate to severe. They bled for over 7 hours. 3 weeks later I had to see my dentist for another bleed that would not stop. I spoke with my PCP and we are giving it another week and then we will try and get the heart doctor to try something other than Brilinta. My question... has anyone else had issues with bleeding gums while on Brilinta and if so... what was the remedy?