I take 10mg lexapro amd 60mg strattera, two antidepressants. I forgot to take them both yesterday and when I took them today I got horrible nausea, chills, tremors and my feet and fingers felt like they were falling asleep right before I couldn't take it anymore and vomited. This had never happened to me before except when my doctor presribed a dose with out building it up first with lower doses. In other words I was supposed to start with 20 Mg and build it up to 80mg. The one she gave me. So that day I understood what had happened. Currently the dose I'm at is 60mg. My lexapro is 10 Mg and I had built up both to get where I'm at. I only skipped one day? How is it possible that I could have such a strong reaction after only 24 hours? My phycologist only comes into town every three months. The pharmacists where I get my meds Is cvs and they don't know jack squat. I've asked them stuff before, every time its 'you need to talk to your doctor'. Also should I try to take them both tomorrow? Because I can't just stop taking them.