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So is anybody on more than 60mg/day of Parnate? Thanks in advance, SP?

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chuck1957 10 Dec 2017

sp915; Don't have to tell you this is a MAO and yes but you never take more than the doctor says but at times the raise it for a short period and then bring it down when you have leveled out Please make sure that you call the doctor and talk to the doctor first prior to every trying to adjust this type of medication by itself or it may be that your doctor needs to add something else with this medication. Best of luck to you and know your not alone.

chuck1957 10 Dec 2017

sp915; Also it is more on the rare side that they go above 60mg and it is in small doses. for short periods of a time when their main goal is to get it where they can start dropping the dose. So really if you are feeling that bad you should call the doctor there are medications that they would rather give to the Parnate. for what it's worth you should call your doctor so you don't have to feel this bad or go to an er because when they use more than the recommended dose it has to be watched very closely. Best of luck to you and know you are not alone. chuck1957 free discount card

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