bipolar element to my major depressive, generalized anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorders. I was on Cymbalta and 2mg Abilify, but the Cymbalta was making it hard for me to maintain good relationships with some people. In addition, I couldn't work out on 60mg Cymbalta; I think it was making me tired or causing a loss of motivation... something not completely energy-related. So I'm on 30mg Cymbalta but my depression is returning, yet I'm fine at the gym! So... it's a really weird situation. I want to be fine at the gym and also not depressed. I know it sounds like a "lot" to ask for, but I am also a choreographer, and 60mg of Cymbalta makes me unable to choreograph; again, I think it has something to do with motivation or mobility/fluidity with my body (which is really helpful at the gym). It sounds vague but it really isn't. Finally (haha), 30mg of Cymbalta and 2mg of Abilify doesn't do much for my OCD, which is really annoying, but 60 does. I'm wondering what thoughts anyone had? 4mg of Abilify makes me feel really unmotivated (I would do nothing all day). I've been on Abilify for 3 weeks.