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I am on 60 mg of methadone a day. Will I get sick if I take a subutex strip?

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Inactive 13 May 2012

Yes, you will go into precipitated withdrawal. Do NOT take that subs strip , you will be super sick. Patti

Inactive 13 May 2012

ok... here is what I know about going from Methadone to subutex strips... YES... YOU CAN GET SICK!! But ... it is different with everyone! I am going to tell you what I think that you should do... you don't have to follow my advice, but remember that I am trying to help you... but ultimately... it is up to you... I would stay on the Methadone and wean off the Methadone... I don't know where you get your Methadone... but if you go to a clinic or a doctor your best bet is to stay on the methadone and wean off of it. You are on a low dose of Methadone! I take 180mgs a day!! so weaning off of 60mg would be a day at the park for me! lol I am not trying to make light of your situation... but I am telling you that if I were you I would now even worry about trying to use any other drug to get off of opiates... just wean off of the Methadone!! when I tried to get off of opiates with suboxone, (which is the same as the subutex strip) it just made my habit worse ... but it is up to you... like I said... everyone is different and each drug works different on different ppl... I hope things work out for you!! good luck!!

beezerbev 16 May 2012

I hear you. I was on 120 mgs a day. I go to a methadone clinic and have been for about eight yrs. now. About everyone I know that is on suboxone sells their meds and buys roxys. free discount card

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