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Im on 60 mg of Cymbalta. When is best time to take to avoid tiredness and hard to get up?

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Inactive 30 Apr 2013

Hello. I would take it during the afternoon. Cymbalta can be taken as directed by your physician or at the individuals choosing. Regards pledge

valannmarie 1 May 2013

Thank you for the suggestions, Have tried taking it in afternoon but am not always home so kept forgetting. I do take it in morning now. When I took it at night I really couldn't get up! I don't always get restful sleep either. Am scheduled for a sleep study after August - possibility of sleep Apnea.

mhelcl 30 Apr 2013

My wife experience this lack of energy and almost apathy to life when on Cymbalta. It was not related to the time of dosing, she tried changing the time shee took it to morning,lunchtime,night,mid night, multiple times but this harsh side effect never went away. She had to discontinue it- not easy to do bythe way due to intense and unpleaseant withdrawals.

valannmarie 1 May 2013

Yeah I have discontinued Cymbalta before and the withdrawals really are harsh! My problem is I have to take an antidepressant or I will have no life. And I have chronic pain and when I stopped before the pain rebounded intensely. Did your wife switch to something else? if so is it working better and would you mind saying what she switched to?

lady2882 1 May 2013

Cheers to your wife - I know how hard it is to get off it

butterflylynn 30 Apr 2013

Do you think it is the Cymbalta that is making you tired?
My Dr. has me take mine in the morning but I have not noticed it making me tired.
If you are having problems getting up then I would say to take it in the morning. It shouldn't matter since it is a time released medication. Best of luck free discount card

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