My son, 20, was switched to Cymbalta at the start of the summer with initially good result. He felt better, his mood seemed more stable and he reported no side effects even when the dose was increased to 60 mg; necessary after 30 mg did not help enough. He is now out of state at college and starting with his first night back, three nights ago, he is unable to get out of bed much,
is crying, can't decide if he wants to take classes this fall, return home or what. He is staying at his dads' house in the same town as his college. Prior to leaving for school he stated he felt better going to school this fall than he had previously, referring to difficult transitions he has previously experienced at the start of school years, new semesters, etc. This is his third year of college. Would a higher dose of Cymbalta work better than adding a second med, and if so, which med have any of you successfully added to your Cymbalta regimen? Thanks for any help you can give!