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I have a 6 yr old with ADHD is strattera better taken at night or morning. He is so tired on it?

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Inactive 14 Dec 2012

Hello Stasia33,

If his medication is making him so tired , I woud recommend he takes it late in the afternoon, but since I am not a Dr., I strongly advice you to speak to his Dr., perhaps he also needs a dose adjustment.

All the best,

Inactive 14 Dec 2012
Inactive 14 Dec 2012

Hello Stasia33. I would recommend he takes it at night. (Fatique is a common side effect to taking Strattera) Regards pledge

Inactive 14 Dec 2012

Here are the statistics on fatique in relation to the drug.(which I failed to mention) Fatique effects from 2 to 9% of users.

smileyhappy 14 Dec 2012

Hi there,

My son was taking his first thing in the morning so he could fall asleep at night. Is he sleeping alright? Is that why he is so sleepy? free discount card

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