I was put on Zoloft for pregnancy depression (I am currently almost 38 weeks) and also because I have had depression since before I was a teen. My OB was aware that I was also diagnosed with anxiety and that I had received an OCD diagnosis from one therapist and a PTSD diagnosis from another so she put me on Zoloft. Since I have been on Zoloft I have felt like I am losing my mind. I have thoughts that just kind of barge in and severe anxiety attacks lasting hours at night to the point I want to go to the ER or be admitted just so I know there are doctors nearby if I need them. I have had nausea, kind of an out of it feeling all the time, teeth grinding, persistent headaches, and the anxiety has triggered some of my colitis/ibs problems. I am scared to talk to my fiance in fear that something I don't mean will slip out since I'm having intrusive thoughts. It's horrible and I am TERRIFIED!! Anyway, I told her and another Dr that I am having a hard time with the medication and they botg told me to come off of it immediately after 6 nights of continued use and that I shouldn't have any withdrawal symptoms. Tonight is my first night not taking it (it's been about 28 hrs since my last dose) and here I am again having all the same problems! I just want to know when I will get my mind back and if I've caused long-term damage. I wanted so desperately to get better for my fiance and son but I feel I've done more harm than good to them and if I don't return to my normal self soon I'm scared I'll lose my fiance! Not saying he isn't supportive, he is very supportive, but THIS isn't the woman he fell in love with or what he signed up for. I can't expect him to put up with this forever if I did mess up my mind permanently with this crap! God, I pray someone here has reassuring news for me. :'(