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59 years old female blood pressure 150/105 should I call 911?

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Inactive 23 Feb 2015

Are you on blood pressure lowering drugs? That is a high reading, Just to be on the safe side I'd call them. They can re-do your test and see how high it is. Sometimes the home meters aren't any good. Any Fire Department will take your blood pressure for you if you just go to the Fire Station.

Long Haul 25 Feb 2015

I have taken many blood pressures as a nurse and fight HBP myself. A 150/105 is alone, in of itself, not a 911 emergency. Continuous high blood pressure should most certainly be treated by a doctor. Use no added salt and eat as little sodium as possible (read food labels) until you can determine what caused the spike or if it is continuous HBP. A medical professional will help you with that. If it takes a few days to see a doctor you can start your own record of your blood pressure - many pharmacy's have free blood pressure machines tucked away in a corner; just walk in an ask. Try not to stress over it( I have seen way higher) and stress can even raise it. There are many great and effective medications for blood pressure. Good luck, but don't worry. free discount card

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