... before bedtime for insomnia related to severe depression since the summer of 2014. Recently, (October 2017) my pharmacy began dispensing my dosage in two 50 mg uncoated pills. I noticed a difference immediate between the coated and uncoated medication. I took the coated 90 minutes before bedtime for better result; the uncoated started dissolving in my mouth before I could swallow and had an immediate effect (within minutes) upon my sleep. Within a couple of weeks of starting the uncoated dosage, I started having issues with heavy leaking and urinary incontinence. This had never happened before. (I was treated for prostate cancer in 2015 with radiation, but had no problems with leaking or urinary incontinence until now. I have been in remission since the fall of 2015.) The uncoated trazodone is the only differential between pre-incontinence and incontinence. Are there any reports of or evidence for a relation between uncoated trazodone and urinary incontinence?